| July 26, 2022
Happy Tails

Chloe (formerly Jules) joined our family April 30th, 2022.

Originally from Louisiana, and covered in scars, it’s no surprise for the first week or so, she was extremely timid, nervous, anxious, and skittish. 9 weeks in, and a lot of work together, Chloe is doing great!

She has confidence (majority of the time), enjoys going for walks, and is an all round happy and friendly girl. Chloe is very well behaved inside her forever home and listens well. She’s still learning “personal space”, has more energy than we bargained for, and gets a little overzealous at times (which the cat doesn’t always appreciate), but she’s a sweetheart with a big goofy character!

She still gets anxious with excessive traffic noise and gets overstimulated when there are more than a few people or dogs around. Although, she is much better with leash training and outdoor listening skills.

A work in progress, Chloe is an extremely intelligent girl, so everyday gets better! With intelligence comes stubbornness and she will throw little “toddler” tantrums at times, but they’re getting fewer and ending sooner day by day. Her little quirks make life interesting!

In watching her, I can guess she’s never really had a home with rules and boundaries. With that, Chloe is doing absolutely amazing with her life change! We have a special bond already.

I feel lucky to have her, and I’m looking forward to the years ahead together. I absolutely love this quirky, goofy, sweet, snuggly little girl.

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for bringing us together, and doing what you do. Keep up the good work!

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