Congratulations to Dillon Dodson: Recipient of the Prestigious Ontario Association of Social Workers Award

| September 15, 2023

Leadership, commitment, and professionalism. That’s what the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) recognizes as the best traits in a registered social worker. Given annually, OASW awards the best in practice to highlight their dedication in the field of social work. This year, they’ve given it to our very own team member, Dillon Dodson! 

When the human-animal bond breaks, both can suffer heartache. Toronto Humane Society is committed to helping animals find homes, and we are also committed to making sure that animals stay in their homes if they already have one. Because our goal is to prevent this bond from breaking, we began actively keeping families together who are on the verge of separation. 

As a champion of the human-animal bond, Dillon joined our team to help keep families together. From a social work perspective, she highlighted that in many cases, pet surrenders occur due to circumstances beyond the pet parent’s control. For instance, when someone is trying to escape a dangerous situation and fears for their life, surrendering their pet might seem like the only option.  

With Dillon on our team, our Urgent Care Program launched with the primary goal of decreasing the number of animal surrenders. Since its installment, the Urgent Care Program has changed the lives of many by providing temporary relief to pet parents who need immediate support. 

In April of this year, Dillon joined the International Association of Veterinary Social Workers Board (IAVSW), where she continued to grow and apply her expertise. Dillon’s scope of work goes far beyond just social work as she has organized offsite Wellness clinics to help families without a permanent stable home, and provide their pets with preventative medical care and pet food. Dillon channels her empathy and advocacy towards addressing the systemic injustices that lead to an increase in pet surrenders. Through Dillon’s advocacy, Toronto Humane Society recognizes that both pets and their parents need easy access to support. 

Already in her time with us, Dillon has gone to great lengths to make a difference in the lives of pets and their parents. Now, she’s being recognized by a professional association for her dedication to Improving the Lives of Animals and the people who love them. Let’s congratulate Dillon together on this outstanding accomplishment!