Dillon Dodson Joins the International Association of Veterinary Social Workers Board

| April 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that one of our dedicated team members, Dillon Dodson, Senior Manager, Social Work, has been elected to the Board of the International Association of Veterinary Social Workers (IAVSW). We congratulate Dillon wholeheartedly on this incredible achievement, and we are extremely proud to witness her hard work reach new heights. Dillon’s appointment represents a significant stride forward for our organization as we acknowledge the importance of social work in animal welfare initiatives. We are honoured to have an IAVSW Board Member as part of our expert team! 

The IAVSW is an organization that promotes the integration of social work practices in veterinary medicine to improve animal welfare. Its members are experts in animal behaviour, the human-animal bond, and the emotional needs of both animals and their caregivers.  

Dillon is an excellent fit to be a board member. She has an extensive background in social work and advocating for the human-animal bond – especially in her latest work with us as she helped launch our Urgent Care program in 2020.  

Since its release, the Urgent Care program has preserved hundreds of human-animal bonds by providing a temporary home to the pets of families experiencing an acute life crisis. This way families can get back on their feet while their pet is lovingly being cared for.  

Dillon has had a significant impact not only on the animals she encounters but also on the people involved. By joining the IAVSW board, Dillon will be able to help share Toronto Humane Society’s research and work on the importance of preserving the human-animal bond and how social work is integral to animal care. This appointment is a testament to Dillon’s dedication, skills, and expertise and will further our mission to Improve the Lives of Animals beyond our doors. 

Congratulations, Dillon Dodson, on this outstanding achievement!