diy pet feeding enrichment

Changing the Way We Think About Feeding

| August 20, 2021

Feeding: How frequently should we do it, what is the best food and more. Feeding is a hefty topic, one that insights a number of considerations for pet owners. But how often do we think about how we’re feeding? How we feed, contributes directly to satisfying an animals mental and physical needs, as well as their innate instincts and curiosity.

Instead of just throwing the bowl down with your pup’s favourite kibble, why not make it a more engaging experience? Enrichment comes in many forms, and a great way to add enrichment to your dog’s day is to use mealtime as a way to stimulate their mind and strengthen the bond you two share.

Here are some safe and simple DIY tweaks to your pet’s favourite time of day!

Muffin tin

Spread kibble around the depressions in a muffin tin turned upside down. You can also put it right side up and hide the kibble underneath tennis balls placed in the cups.

Box puzzles

Hide kibble in a cardboard box filled with crumpled up newspaper. Make sure to pick up the shredded paper afterwards so your dog doesn’t eat it.

Paper roll

Before you toss those cardboard rolls found in toilet paper and paper towels, consider turning them into fun, interactive puzzles for your pet! Just fold one end of the roll and place their kibble inside. Then fold the other.

Snuffle mat

Grab a snuffle mat, a high-pile bathroom mat, or just some fleece strips tied to a rubber mat. Hide the kibble inside the mat and let your companion forage for their food like their ancestors did.

Kibble scavenger hunt

You can create a kibble scavenger hunt in a room in your house or outside when it’s not too hot. Place a tracking harness and long leash on your dog and “cue” them to search while they lead you from hiding place to hiding place. This allows you to control the pace of the hunt!

Just make sure the hiding places aren’t too “hidden”. Once your dog gets the idea, you can gradually make the hunt more challenging. Remember, if the dog stops looking or shows stress over the game, simply make it easier, then increase difficulty incrementally.

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