Girl holding a guinea pig

DIY Guinea Pig Toys

| March 25, 2022

Guinea pigs are social animals. These adorable little balls of fur need exercise, mental stimulation, and an exciting environment to express their normal behaviours. If they’re not mentally stimulated, they could get bored easily, gain too much weight, and it could negatively affect their mental health.  

The most important way to keep your piggy happy and healthy is to spend time with them every day and provide them with plenty of toys. Here are some simple DIY toys you can make with common household items to help provide your guinea pig with more enrichment. 

Apple tree branches

Sticks and branches from apple trees are healthy for guinea pigs, and great for their teeth because guinea pigs love to chew. These will help keep their teeth grinded down to a proper length as guinea pig teeth are ever growing. Make sure that the tree you’re grabbing the branches from has not been sprayed with pesticides and any toxic chemicals that may not be pet friendly. 


Boxes of all shapes and sizes are a hit with guinea pigs. Make sure to grab a big one that is not heavily inked and remove all tape or staples from the box. Then, cut holes through the sides for them to run through and play in. You can also fill the box with hay or shredded paper for extra fun as they sometimes like to jump right inside the box. Guinea pigs also love to chew cardboard. 

Toilet paper tube

Guinea pigs often love to chew or toss these around. You can also stuff them with hay or hide treats inside to make them even more interesting. Before giving them to your piggy, be sure to cut a slit down the length of the tube. This is to prevent your guinea pigs from getting stuck in it. 

Paper bags

Do you have a stack of take-out paper bags? Your guinea pig might enjoy them! Like using cardboard boxes, make sure to remove all tape or staples from the bag and use one that is not heavily inked – it is best to use plain, brown coloured bags that are not shiny. Some piggies love to chew or hide in them, or you can stuff them with hay, or a few treats like craisins (dried cranberry) or raisins, for more entertainment. 

Shredded paper

Shred all your unused newspapers and pile it up for your piggy. Guinea pigs love to run through and hide in big piles of shredded paper and pop their adorable heads out from time to time. You can also take some newspaper and roll it into a ball with a treat hidden in the middle for extra enrichment.