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Ego and Yondu are TV Stars

August 3, 2018 @ 7:43 am

Two very young kittens, Ego and Yondu, came to Toronto Humane Society at the beginning of May. They were just days old and already quite ill. Toronto Humane Society’s medical team noticed that they both had swollen, and badly infected paws. Despite the medical team’s best efforts, these two youngsters lost their paws.

Ego lost her two hind paws and Yondu lost her paw and a little bit of her lower leg. Even still, these two resilient kittens did not give up. Although they had lost their paws, they were still bound and determined to move forward and start life.

Ego and Yondu have been spending time in Foster Care while they grow and recover. They have been so eager to move around and play like normal kittens, they started forming sores where their paws had once been. It was time to find a solution.

Toronto Humane Society’s medical and rehabilitation teams worked up a plan and have found the kittens some prosthetic paws! Ego and Yondu have gone for their first trial with the prosthetics and are bound and determined to make them work.

If you would like help Ego and Yondu through their recovery or other animals that arrive at the Toronto Humane Society, please visit www.torontohumanesociety.com/egoandyondu to donate.

Watch Ego and Yondu be TV Stars on Breakfast Television: https://www.bttoronto.ca/videos/two-kittens-get-a-second-chance-at-life-toronto-humane-society/


August 3, 2018
7:43 am
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