Fall Pet Safety Tips

Fall Pet Tips

| November 19, 2021

Pets and leaves don’t match

While jumping into a big pile of leaves would make for a great Instagram post, it is best for you and your pet to “leave” those piles alone. This is because leaf piles can be hiding all sorts of unpleasant surprises. From sharp objects, feces, to grumpy wildlife trying to hibernate, such as snakes – leaf piles are not always what they seem. Be mindful of what could be underneath these piles when out on your adventures.  

Watch for ticks   

Ticks remain active even as the weather begins to cool. In fact, fall is when adult blacklegged ticks are most active as they thrive in cooler temperatures.Ticks can carry bacteria, viruses, and most notably, Lyme Disease. Talk to your veterinarian about tick prevention for your pet. You can also book a consultation with us through our Public Veterinary Service clinic.  We offer prevention medications that cover all ticks found in Ontario. 

For more information on ticks and tick prevention, visit our website. You can also visit Tick Talk Canada or Pets and Ticks for all tick-related information.  

Avoid mushrooms

While most mushrooms are non-toxic, a small number of them can be harmful if ingested. When you’re taking in all the beautiful autumn colours on your walk, be sure to keep an eye on what your pet is doing. If they ingest a toxic mushroom, they could exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tremors, seizures and even liver and kidney damage. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you think your pet has ingested toxic mushrooms. 

Get on grooming

Dogs begin to shed in the fall as their summer coat makes room for a heavier protective winter coat. This process is most noticeable in double-coated breeds such as collies, huskies, and shelties. They’re known for “blowing their coat” during the fall seasons, creating quite a mess for their owners. 

Besides preventing the family-room carpet from acquiring another carpet, grooming away your dog’s dead hair helps air circulate through to their skin. Air flow helps to prevent dandruff, grease, and even painful matting. If you think you don’t have the time for regular grooming, it might be worth getting in touch with a professional groomer.