Fifi’s Miraculous Recovery

| August 30, 2023

One moment, Fifi was eagerly exploring her surroundings. The next, she was lying on her side, helpless and confused, unable to move her limbs.  

Fifi fell from a ledge and sustained a serious spine injury. When she arrived at Toronto Humane Society, she was nearly paralyzed.  

Our medical team had successfully treated injuries like this before. But even still, it was possible Fifi would not respond to treatment. And if her condition didn’t improve in the days and weeks that followed, some very difficult decisions would have to be made.   

Fifi began showing progress within 24 hours of her treatment and has since regained much of her mobility. She is now walking, even playing like she used to. She is not 100 percent, but we are more than hopeful things will continue improving.  

Fifi’s story could have gone the other way – and she is not alone.   

Sadly, Toronto Humane Society has seen hundreds of animals just like Fifi. Some have fallen from balconies or been hit by cars; others have developed debilitating—often preventable—illnesses. With each success and sigh of relief, another animal arrives in need of life-saving care.   

Your donation of $60, $120 or even $150 today will guarantee Toronto Humane Society veterinarians have the resources they need to save the next animal.