THS - Pet Food Bank

Filling More Tummies with Food and Love

| March 9, 2022

In 2021, our Pet Food Bank supplied over 42,000 pounds of pet food to pet parents in need.  

How much food is that, really? 42,000 pounds can be compared to the weight of: 

– 4 RV’s 

– 42 concert grand pianos 

– 260 kegs of beer 

– A bit more than half the size of a large t-rex (they can weigh up to 15,500 pounds) 

Yes, this is a lot of food. All this food was essential to support pet parents and families in need.  

A loving, temporary solution

Our Pet Food Bank is intended for families facing short-term financial difficulties and is supported by the animal loving community. But it’s not just about donating food – it’s about keeping pets with their families and preserving the human-animal bond. No one should face the difficult decision of having to surrender their pet because they cannot afford the cost of food.  

If you donated a bag of dog food or a few cans of cat food last year, we sincerely thank you for helping support pets and families in need.  

Let’s continue to help more families

The animal loving community still needs your support. Help continue to provide pet food to families in need! Canned cat food is in high demand, but we are looking for both unopened wet and dry food for cats and dogs. Anything helps! 

Donations can be brought to the front door of our building, located at 11 River Street, from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week. We also have an Amazon Wish List that could save you a trip. Simply purchase any food items on our list and the items will be mailed directly to us.