Fulfill Twice as Many Animal Wishlists this Holiday Season

| December 23, 2022

The talk around the animal kennels is that the holiday season is a time when wishes come true. While some animals may wish for a big backyard so that they can run freely, a cozy blanket to cuddle in, or a new toy to chew – their number one wish is to find their family. 

You can help fulfill the other wishes of animals waiting to get adopted by sending them a Holiday Wishlist Bundle.  The bundles are full of treats and toys so that they don’t feel left out this holiday season, but most importantly, every purchase helps animals find their forever homes – animals like Minuit. 

A Senior Sweetheart Looking for Her Forever Home

Minuit is a 15-year-old tortoiseshell cat with a playful, affectionate, and shy spirit. While she’s cautious by nature, she is a friendly girl who responds well to petting, brushing, and loves her treats. With a little bit of patience, she very quickly starts to enjoy pets and attention. 

Minuit’s holiday wish is to find a family who will play laser pointer with her and spoil her with love, treats, and toys. You can help fill her wishlist this holiday season by sending her a gift today. 

Your Impact Will be Doubled

Every dollar donated through our Holiday Wishlist e-store will be doubled thanks to Cortland Credit. They’re matching gifts up to $20,000 – but only until December 31st. This means your gift will help twice as many animals receive the care they need and get adopted.  

Additionally, you will be issued a receipt for purchases made on the Holiday Wishlist e-store.