Get Access to 24/7 Pet Health with Vetster

| May 19, 2023

Has your pet ever eaten something potentially toxic, but you weren’t sure what to do? Has your pet injured themselves while out and about? Has your pet started acting weird all of a sudden and you’re not sure if it’s a sign of something serious? We’ve all been there. 

Instead of picking up our pets and running to the veterinary clinic or animal emergency hospital, pet parents can use a telemedicine service, like Vetster, for guidance on how to address their pet’s medical concerns.  If there is a cause for concern that can be addressed with a prescription, you could get one from a licensed veterinarian – from the comfort of your home! 

By providing remote consultations through video or telephone calls, Vetster not only provides medical advice for your pet, but they also provide emotional support to pet parents during a time of crisis – and can potentially stop pet parents from having to cover unnecessary emergency medical bills.  

Supporting Our Foster Parents with Vetster

We’ve recently teamed up with Vetster to support our foster parents in case of an emergency. Vetster ensures round-the-clock availability, providing constant support to pet parents throughout their entire day and night.  

This partnership gives our foster parents a peace of mind when they’re caring for animals with all sorts of different backgrounds – such as a senior dog who is recovering from a major surgery, a cat who is suffering with itchy skin, or a mother rabbit who delivered 6 kits at the stroke of midnight. Whatever the medical case, whatever the time, Vetster is available to help.  

Would You Like to Know More About Vetster?

You can be prepared for any health concerns that may arise with your pet by creating a free Vetster account today. Learn more about their 24/7 telemedicine services by visiting their website.