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Give a Gift of New Beginnings

| March 31, 2021

What does Spring mean to you?

Is it the buds on the branches? The songbirds’ morning ritual? The warmer air, full of things you never knew you missed? Maybe it’s seeing people outside, in the parks or on the sidewalks, finally enjoying the weather?

For most, Spring brings a sense of renewal. New beginnings with a spring in your step. It’s about looking ahead with optimism and a new sense of possibility. The only thing better than experiencing the excitement of Spring for yourself is to share it with those you care about.

Share this sense of renewal with animals in need. Visit our Spring Beginnings page and send them a Spring Starter Pack. These gifts include pampering, treats for training, and enrichment toys—everything the pets in our care need to get ready for their new beginnings in a new, loving forever home.

When you gift a Spring Starter Pack to an animal in our care, you will receive a special thank you letter from an animal you helped in the days following.