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Chicken Nugget and Cheeto

| March 24, 2022
Happy Tails

We adopted Chicken Nugget in November 2019, and Cheeto in April 2021 from you, and they’ve made fast friends! Both cats are so snuggly, warm, and friendly, and are the perfect additions to our family.

While they don’t always cuddle, they often play fight and love to run around together. Socialization was so easy when Cheeto arrived. He refused to stay in his safe room, and the cats didn’t fight at all when I relented and let him out. Both cats are just so wonderful.

When we first adopted Cheeto, he had a notice of under-socialization, but you can hardly tell! He’s chatty, can jump up onto any surface (with only three legs – and unlike Nugget, who’s happiest when he’s on the ground), and always greets you with loud chirps. Both cats love to sit on top of us, and both sleep in bed with me, or with my kids, every night.

Nugget communicates by letting us know he wants pats by gently patting me on the face, and Cheeto lets you know he needs attention by jumping up on the mantle and yelling at us, or by swatting at whatever might be on the television. Their personalities are wonderful, and I’m so grateful that we have them in our home.

Thank you for our pair of angels!

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