| June 27, 2022
Happy Tails

I am unsure how life started off for sweet Howie, however, you would never know he struggled based on his personality alone. He is so loving, happy and sweet.

A few months have flown gone by with Howie in our lives, and it truly feels like he has always been here with us. Howie made himself at home very quickly. Howie is our shadow, wherever we go, he is quick to follow. Howie also loves to snuggle! His ideal snuggle spot would be right on top of you – he doesn’t understand how big he is, but that’s okay, we love that about him.

Howie loves to play with toys. So far, Howie’s favourite toys have been rubber balls, kongs, and his treat ball! He also loves sticks – no stick is too big to too small for Howie.

Howie does not like when you are on your phone, or when his fur-dad is playing video games. When he is ready to play, he wants all of the attention, and knocks the device out of your hand, or will come and lay on it! We laugh and start playing with him right away. He is definitely teaching us to be more present!

Howie is super food motivated, he will eat his dinner in 45 seconds flat! He can also be a bit of a mooch. We have not been giving him human food from our plates, and we ignore him while eating. He will quickly walk away and go and lay down until we are done. He is a very good boy.

Howie loves to go visit his grandpa and all of his grandpas friends at the nursing home. All of the nurses told Howie that he should become a therapy dog, because he was so sweet, and happy to meet new people! He puts a smile on everyone’s face. Howie also loved all the the scratches and attention he was getting!

Howie has loved exploring the trails in Lindsay. He has become a little outdoorsman! He gets really excited outside and likes to pull, and sometimes likes to jump at wildlife. We have been working with him, and his pulling has significantly reduced and he is starting to ignore squirrels and birds! He is very quick to learn.

Howie was very nervous to go in a car, and go down the stairs the first day we brought him home. Now, he doesn’t second guess running up the stairs to follow us, or jump in the car to go for a car ride. He is so confident.

Howie’s guilty pleasure is steeling dirty socks from the hamper. He won’t rip them or chew on them, however, if he sees one unguarded, he will slyly steel it and bring it to his bed. We are working on the ‘drops it’ and ‘leave it’ command, and he is doing so well!

Howie can be very playful, but also enjoys being a couch potato. He is such a wonderful addition to our family – Paul and I tell each other everyday, how lucky we were to have found Howie. We love him so much! He’s perfect.

Thank you all for helping bring Howie home ❤️🐾.

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