KaiKoa - happy tails


| March 14, 2022
Happy Tails

At Christmas in 2021 we lost our canine friend. Our little Danté blessed us with four years of love! It was devastating and he left such a hole in our hearts. It was short but it was so sweet.

In mid January of 2022 we decided to adopt a new family member from Toronto Humane Society, and we are so grateful to have been connected with such a magnificent dog!

It seems to be a match made in heaven! She adores everyone in our family just as much as she is adored! She is so loyal and smart and just wants so much to please us!She is also a frequent visitor at our salon and is ambushed with love by everyone!

It was such a great experience working with everyone at Toronto Humane Society. We are grateful and will make sure she has a life filled with love, happiness, many treats, and everlasting adventures! She will never have to worry about a thing, she is at peace!

Toronto Humane Society, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, to everyone including all volunteers that look out for these animals! That is something to be proud of!

If you would like to share your Happy Tail on our website and social media, please send us a photo and story at happytails@torontohumanesociety.com.