| September 12, 2022
Happy Tails

We wanted to give you an update on Mochi (formerly known as Ollie). It’s amazing how he’s only been here for a relatively short amount of time but feels like a full member of the family. We’ve rabbit-proofed the living room and have been enjoying the space fully with him for the past week, and he seems to recognize and appreciate this significantly.

Mochi brings an incredible amount of joy to us each day, from morning (when he excitedly greets us and gets in his exercises) to afternoon (when he naps right under our desks) to night (when we all play and chill out together). He absolutely loves and demands pets and cheek rubs from each of us, and he runs, binkies, explores, and constantly surprises us on how much fun a rabbit can be.

We are so thankful you were there to guide us through the process, and we’re indebted to Toronto Humane Society for the connection.

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