Kiko Happy Tail


| November 13, 2023
Happy Tails

Last year we adopted a cat from Toronto Humane Society named Kiko (formerly Hops). My partner and I had finally gotten comfortable with the idea of adoption after losing our previous cat. When I walked in and saw Kiko, I immediately fell in love with her.

She was so petite and tiny and had the softest meow. She had curly little whiskers where she almost looked like a little grandpa and was so cuddly and affectionate the minute we opened the door. When I finally got to hold her and interact with her I started crying because I felt so much love for this little being. I started the adoption process that day and the next day my partner and I picked up Kiko and brought her home.

Toronto Humane Society made the whole process very smooth. They were attentive to our needs and the paperwork was simple and thorough. We were able to follow up for the first few weeks with any questions and concerns and we felt very supported in the adjustment period. We were sent home with lots of information including helping her adjust to her new schedule, using a harness, and more. Bringing her home completed something in our family that we didn’t even know we needed.

She remains a very cuddly affectionate cat with her own independent boundaries. She’s curious, and inquisitive, follows the rules of the house, and is very chatty! We tend to have long conversations back and forth. A year later, she still brings just as much joy to our lives every day. She is thriving in her home and loves the space that she gets to run around in. When we first adopted her, I never thought she would melt my heart so completely as she has. Even writing this, I get tearful thinking about how much I absolutely love this little furry being!

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