Happy Tails Leo
Happy Tails

Both Leo and the adoption process were a dream come true! We’ve been together for 1 week and I love this boy so much. He is my shadow and much more. Leo is a seriously well-trained dog. For instance, keeping my exact pace, on the left, never in front, while doing stairs. Amazing! Leo loves being talked to; when I lie on the floor about a foot from his face, his tail starts thumping. Leo happily receives all the petting, hugs, and kisses that I’ve been waiting to share.  At this point, attention is equal to food rewards for Leo.

Leo is very interested in meeting dogs and people; he is noticeably more comfortable with smaller dogs. Not a peep out of him in the house and is down for 10 hours at night – and most of the day.  We have fun practicing sit, down, and stand and will start on ‘loose leash’ and ‘heel’ in the coming days.

Leo is my dream – a very happy ending to a long search for my new companion dog.  I have every confidence that our lives will continue to blend in the best way possible.

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