Lukas and Chester

| April 24, 2023
Happy Tails

It has been a wonderful two weeks having the boys Lukas (formerly Timmy) and Chester (formerly Boris) home.

They weren’t scared or timid one bit!

They sat in the crate together on my son’s lap for the 1 hr drive home. He talked to them and let the smell him and they allowed him to give them little finger pets to which they rubbed their chins on him!

They are in their own bedroom and it looks like a play center. They have lots of room to run and romp and yet Lukas still likes to escape their very spacious enclosure. And of course, mister Chester tags along.

Lukas has bonded with my son. My son really needed that to overcome the loss of his first rabbit, Symon. Lukas hears him coming and stands on his hind legs looking for him and he won’t come down until he sees my son. He runs to him and gives him a chin rub. This has helped my son’s heart heal and he has been a different person ever since we brought them home. This alone makes me extremely grateful to the staff for making it such an easy process after our first choices had sadly fallen through.

I do the hands-on petting and lots of combing their coats (Lukas sheds 10x what Chester does!). I would stay quiet the first few times and just let them feel my energy, then I started slowly talking and now it’s all a routine. Lukas even allows me to comb him for 15 out of the 20 mins I’m grooming them, while they munch. He still doesn’t care much for me and doesn’t get all happy to see me as he does my son, but I’m ok with that! We have found mutual ground. I stay his hairstylist and peasant, and he allows me into his kingdom!

Chester is timid and so sweet. I haven’t been able to see much of his personality yet as today was the first time he came to “bunny love time” on his own without being coaxed out. He does warm up as soon as Chester relaxes and starts eating.

Thank you all for your dedication to everything you do.

We are looking forward to a long and wonderful life with them both! These boys were meant to be with us and we are thankful and blessed!

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