Pebbles and Scamp

| April 10, 2023
Happy Tails

We are thrilled to tell you that we are approaching the end of our 5th year with these two amazing, wonderful, four-legged fur balls that are our whole life!

Pebbles & Scamp are now 14 and 12 years old, although other than the fact that they excel in sleeping, you would not know their age. They still romp together occasionally and love their daily walks. We were told when we picked them up that they had been inside their whole life, but they just delight in walking and tearing out the door to enjoy the yard.

They absolutely love the snow. They love to tunnel, rub their face in it (and every bit of their bodies really), tunnel, and snack on it! Mom and Dad on the contrary have learned to appreciate the joy that Pebs and Scampy experience with it.

These 2 sweeties are proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks and furthermore, they can learn on their own. We moved this past summer and they now feel free to use their voices. Before the move, they would bark and go through the most serious of antics to get us to answer the door. But here, they have learned that barking is like a command! It’s treat time now, right?!! (I shouldn’t have added a question mark as it is a demand, not a question!) We have to laugh and respond with the appropriate action. Who could resist the love and joy these 2 give us… they are such delights!

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