Happy Tails - Slayer


| October 26, 2023
Happy Tails

We adopted Slayer (formerly Gabbana) in August 2023 as a 10-week-old feral kitten. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion or a more perfect match. It was only a couple of weeks before Slayer settled in with us, and it soon felt like she had always been part of our family.

We know everybody thinks this about their pets, but Slayer really is the best cat. She comes running when we call her name, and she actually follows directions – she’s practically like a little dog in that sense. And when we give her affection, Slayer often reaches out with her paw and “pets” us back. Unless, of course, her alternate ego “MDK” (or Murder Death Kitty) makes an appearance and that instead becomes playful bites and bunny kicks.

We spoil Slayer with lots of toys from the pet store – but her favourites are always hair ties – she actually steals them off the bedroom vanity and hoards them!

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