| November 4, 2022
Happy Tails

When at the shelter we were having difficulties choosing which kitten to bring home. We were nervous but hopeful that we would get much luck to not only find our perfect pet, but also get to bring them home right away.

Much to our surprise, Atlas had noticed us first. We didn’t choose him, but he chose us. He had such enthusiasm for such a small being that he lit up the room with joyful smiles.

When we had brought him home for his very first time, he had not been frightened or alarmed that he had to run off and hide like most cats would in an unfamiliar place. Instead, he explored his surroundings, and to our amazement he had gotten use to the environment rather quickly. He was meant to be here; this is his forever home.

Atlas could be described as the happiest kitten you could ever meet, always welcoming you with a few kisses on your nose and rubbing his tiny head in advance to give you a hug. There’s a never a moment when you don’t hear him purring, he definitely wants you to know he’s living life to the fullest!

He is extremely curious and always following us around the room, he never wants to leave our side no matter where we are.

Toronto Humane Society was extremely helpful and everyone that worked there had made everything much more enjoyable in the experience. They had definitely chosen the right pick for us, we couldn’t have asked for a better kitten and already he loves both of us and we love him to death.

He’s our best friend and so glad that we could bring him into our lives when we needed him the most, he lights up and room with laughter and smiles no matter what mood we are in.

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