| October 3, 2022
Happy Tails

Clarence was adopted from Toronto Humane Society during the famous Toronto Ice storm back in 2013, the day before Christmas.

I remember my mom surprising us with a trip to Toronto Humane Society. We had walked around for a bit, and it was as if destiny called out to us when we saw a little cat hiding behind his brother inside a small box poking his nose out for us to catch a glimpse of him! We instantly fell in love with his shyness and his pretty grey fur.

When we had brought him home, he instantly seemed to fit right in and settle comfortably on me and my sister’s bed. He was shy at first. But became a kitty full of energy and light within the next few days, running around the house, always wanting to be around the family and enjoying small visits on our outdoor balcony.

His original name was Charcoal, but he was quickly suited as Clarence due to the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” – this is also the name of my grandfather! We found out a day later his exact birthday was the day of my grandfather’s. So, the name was finalized.

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