Cooper - Happy Tails


| February 24, 2022
Happy Tails

We adopted Cooper 10 months ago and it has been a journey ever since.

Cooper came to us with issues that were not known, we experienced them over the first 4 or 5 months. Not only was he fearful of humans, but other dogs seemed to make him angry. Walking became a challenge on certain days.

We fell in love with Cooper from day one and never regretted our decision to adopt him. In order for us to keep him, I knew I needed to enroll us into professional dog training. Cooper was enrolled into a 6-week program with a highly skilled dog trainer. Once a week we had a one-on-one session for 45 minutes. After the first session we could see a change in Coopers attitude and behavior. I continued the training on my own to keep building Coopers confidence, and social interaction with others and dogs.

Cooper has become so happy, confident, and very trusting of us, I can see that he is so relaxed in the house, and while on his walks outside. Cooper has become the dog I knew he was deep down inside; he just needed the correct guidance, and most of all, love and trust from us.

He now walks up to 10 or more kilometers a day and will visit the dog park once and awhile. I introduced him to swimming at the cottage and he loves chasing the waves and digging up the rocks.

Cooper has become such a loyal family member and has brought us so much happiness and fun into the home. Adopting was the right choice for us!

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