| January 5, 2023
Happy Tails

It has been about a week since I adopted Eda. She is adapting fabulously to her new environment in the suburbs! I’m so incredibly proud of how quickly her confidence has grown since the first day I met her.

Her and I have already formed an incredible bond, and her trust in me is growing so she is able to look and listen to me even when she is reacting to scary triggers. She loves her decompression walks, zooming around in the off-leash park, and most of all, quietly snoozing for hours on the couch. When she’s not on the couch, she’s watching the birds in the backyard.

She’s been learning new tricks so quickly (especially when the reward is pieces of dried beef fillet) and she has already been re-crate-trained (happily snoozing in it all night long).

I am so grateful for her and excited for our lives together! A big thank you to Morgan, our adoption agent who was super helpful during the adoption process and her previous owners, who put in so much work to train her, despite her anxiety in the big city.

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