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| January 20, 2022
Happy Tails

We thought it is probably a good idea to convey the true feelings of our entire family towards our new adopted dog, Fort, through the words of our recently-turned-10-year-old daughter, and here it is:

“The first moment we got Fort, our dog, I was very happy. I was looking forward to it. I was wondering what our life would be like with a new puppy The only dog I’ve ever experienced was a female German Shepherd. Her name was Roxie. She was very energetic, and she was aggressive. Anyways, back to Fort. He is so cute! He’s made very good improvements from Roxie. He’s like the new and improved version of her! He looks very happy with us! I can’t speak for the whole family, but I am very pleased with him. I wanted him the day we first met him and took him home. I am thrilled we got Fort. I didn’t really want to change his name because Fort was a good name. I think he’s the perfect fit for our family! Although he doesn’t catch on with playing fetch as well as Roxie, he’s still very good! He is a very good dog. If I were to rate him, it would be 10/10.”

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