| September 14, 2022
Happy Tails

Next week will officially be the one-year anniversary adoption of Harper and I would love to give an update on her.

Our resident cat, Abe, lost his brother very unexpectedly and needed a friend to help mend his heart. I spent months searching for the right fit and had incredible support and patience from the adoptions team while finding the right cat. Harper was a transfer and within hours of her being posted, we had placed a hold on her. From day one Harper fit into our home perfectly. Anytime we entered her space, she immediately perked up and wanted lots of pets and cuddles. To this day, she remains the most affectionate cat who is happiest sitting with her humans. She is a pro at kneading and will knead just about anything when she’s feeling happy, that includes the air, our thighs, and our face.

Most importantly, from day one she and Abe have enjoyed each other’s company. They met through a baby gate and have not hissed or fought from day one (although Abe does give a little smack when she oversteps). Harper can be demanding with receiving love which Abe isn’t a huge fan of, but they are always near each other and quietly observing. Abe loves her, except when she sits on his face for attention!

Harper was a transfer, so we never know her back story, but she has thrived in our home. Whoever helped her has done an incredible job with her and she has become an adaptable, resilient cat. She has some little quirks we have had to overcome. She initially would not eat unless I touched her food first but over time, she now eats independently and only gets upset when her bowl is empty. The hardest thing for her is to not follow us around the house. If we move, Harper comes along. She is very much our little shadow.

Her favourite things to do are to play with one of her many toys (her favourite is a chirping hedgehog); lounge on the sunny deck; watching TV and being as close as possible to humans 24/7. Harper is a cat pouring with love and I cannot thank Toronto Humane Society enough for bringing her into our lives. She is our perfect peach!

I would love to give a shout out to your veterinarian team as well. Harper had her spay surgery two days prior to me picking her up. After a few days she had a little bulge on her incision site. The team were quick to get her in and checked and provided me with all the information I needed to make an educated decision regarding her care. We opted to not have a second surgery immediately and, in the end, she healed on her own. I’m very grateful for the team providing her with the best care and avoiding her having to have a second surgery!

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