| February 13, 2023
Happy Tails

Misty (formerly Kapowski) is an amazing dog. She is very smart, very playful, and has lots of love to give.

Misty is adapting really well to our family and showed no prey instinct toward our house cats or sugar gliders. All she wants is to always play.

The other animals like her too, the cats are not scared and understand that she wants to play. Our older dog is loving the company and plays with Misty for hours during the day. Misty is learning to be gentle while playing with our older dog and is now able to approach the cats without jumping on them (huge improvements!)

Misty is improving with her potty training and does most of her business outdoors. She did destroy some bedding but nothing major. Overall, we feel lucky to have Misty. Thank you for this opportunity and keep up with the amazing work you do at Toronto Humane Society!

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