Opal - Happy Tails


| December 30, 2021
Happy Tails

Opal is settling in really well, particularly to the couch.

She’s gaining a lot of confidence outdoors. We started off just walking on our block, but we can already go on busy streets for short stretches and take several mile long walks. She also loves the playground and going down the slide!

We’re doing clicker training. She’s very bright and learning very quickly to sit, stay, come, walk loosely on the leash, leave it, and settle down on her bed. To get out even more energy, Opal does lots of puzzles (untying knots to get food and things like that) and scent games. Hopefully once she’s more confident outdoors and trained, we can do some agility! It seems like she’d do really well at it.

She’s really a sweet dog and likes to cuddle on the couch too! She’s like a little puddle and will spread out to fill any space unoccupied. I’m so happy and grateful that I was able to adopt her.

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