| January 26, 2023
Happy Tails

Roxy is settling in well and we’re getting used to a very busy dog who loves to cuddle.

I brushed a grocery bags worth of undercoat from her, and she’s especially enjoying her meals topped with a sardine.

She’s learning to walk with a harness, responds to her name being called and has learned to give a paw. We’ll be bringing her for obedience¬†classes to learn the how-to’s of training.

There have been a couple of naughty dog moments such as her nibbling on the corner of a piece of furniture, and helping herself to an unattended glass of water on the coffee table, however, we’re learning how to live with each other and redirect her behaviour.

We have fallen in love and feel so fortunate to have found her. Thanks for the wonderful care you took of her and the adoption experience.

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