Whiskas - Happy Tail


| October 28, 2021
Happy Tails

I was thinking of adopting a cat for a few years as I had a cat growing up and enjoyed her company greatly. At the end of last year I decided it was the right time to welcome a new family member.  Whiskas was posted on Toronto Humane Society’s site at the beginning of January. As soon as I saw her post I decided to put her on hold.

I was told Whiskas was brought to Toronto Humane Society to be put down as her health was significantly degrading. I was sad to hear that, and did not have too much hope but I was assured that Toronto Humane Society vets and staff will do everything to help Whiskas recover. And they did. After a tooth surgery and a recovery plan, Whiskas was ready to come home.

As soon as she arrived we noticed she is a very curious kitty. She started to explore every corner of the house and came to us for pets. She adapted quickly and things have been going very well since then.

She is very energetic for a 7-year-old kitty – she loves to climb her cat tree and play with wand toys. She eats well now, and has a healthy weight.

She enjoys receiving treats, sleeping with her belly up, playing with toys, or just chilling next to the window. She is not cuddly or a lap cat, but she is adorable in her own way. She has the cutest meow to tell us when she wants something or just to say hi. She follows me everywhere around the house and sleeps next to me on the couch while I work.

Having a pet feels like such a blessing and for that I want to thank all Toronto Humane Society members for doing such an incredible work and helping so many little souls.

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