Happy Tails - Winnie


| June 15, 2021
Happy Tails

We adopted Winnie over the Victoria Day long weekend in 2014.

While sometimes a handful and not without her challenges, Winnie had so much love and life in her, and was such a gift to our family for almost 7 years. Since she was a senior (approximately 7.5 years old) when we adopted her, right from the start we knew that we needed to enjoy every moment because we didn’t know how long we would have with her.

Winnie apparently had less-than-kind experiences with humans at some point in her early life, and it was a joy to see her slowly start to trust us and put any traumas from the past behind her. Despite the additional challenges, we never had any regrets about adopting a senior dog and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Winnie died on Friday March 26, 2021, and we are so grateful for every minute, although it will never feel like long enough.

Toronto Humane Society, thank you for entrusting Winnie to our family, and for all you do for each and every animal in your care.

To others considering adopting a dog, we hope you will consider a senior animal. Age is just a number, and they have so much love and joy to share.

If you would like to share your Happy Tail on our website and social media, please send us a photo and story at happytails@torontohumanesociety.com