| July 19, 2022
Happy Tails

July 10, 2022, marks one year since Jessy joined our family.

We got to know Jessy through a good friend and neighbour who was fostering him from Toronto Humane Society. We were immediately smitten with him, and he became part of our little friends’ grouping.

We saw him almost every day on his walks. He came with us to patios for coffee, drinks, or dinner, curling up quietly on his blanket under a chair or the table. And he loved coming to visit us in our home.

We couldn’t bear the thought of not having him in our lives and wanted to minimize the disruption to his life by having him move to a familiar environment with people he already knew and liked. So, we initiated the adoption process and, for the first time in our adult lives, became dog parents.

Jessy very quickly settled into our home. He is a delightfully smart, sociable, curious, and willful little guy whose comical habits make us smile and laugh many times every day.

He charms nearly every person he meets and brings a smile to the faces of random strangers he passes on the street. He has brought more joy into our lives than we could ever have imagined.

We will be forever grateful to the many kind, dedicated, and caring people of Toronto Humane Society who took such good care of Jessy and trusted us to provide him with his forever home.

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