Help Save Lives in the Heat this Summer 

| June 24, 2022

June 24th 2022— Toronto, ON – Not much beats the feeling of long, warm, sunny summer days. As it heats up in the city, many try to soak up the sunshine and for pets and their owners, the warm weather leads to lots of outside playtime, exercise, and walks in the park. But, as we head into the glorious summer, it’s important to keep heat safety in mind for your pet.  

With the release of our new T-Shirt, our message is simple: your car becomes an oven in hot weather – do not leave your pets in parked cars to die of heat exhaustion. Purchase our new summer shirt and help raise awareness about keeping animals out of hot cars. 

Every summer we see this happen.   Get your lifesaving T-Shirt here. 

Our goal behind this summer apparel campaign is to get the message once again across to pet owners that this is a real danger and cannot continue.  Our new, simple design T-Shirts, made right here in Canada, are the perfect summer staple to raise awareness and help keep animals out of hot cars.    

Heat Safety Tips

– Always remember to keep fresh water handy.  

– Find shaded or air-conditioned areas to bring your pet.  

– Take your walks during off-peak hours to avoid heat-related injuries and when in doubt, wait until it cools off before venturing out.  

– And always, know the signs of heat stroke which can include excessive panting, muscle twitching, an anxious or dazed look, vomiting, lethargy, increased drooling, and diarrhea (from the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association), to be able to act quickly!