Help Susan to Get Outside and Play

| May 18, 2021

Susan is a 2-year-old German Sheppard that is known for her bubbly personality and 24/7 cuddles. She loves to play and be active – but she can’t right now.

Susan travelled from a remote community to Toronto Humane Society through theour animal transport program. This program helps transport pets from areas where there may be limited access to veterinary services, resulting in overpopulation of pets and give them the opportunity to find a loving home. This sweet-as-can-be girl appeared to be healthy upon arrival, but she tested positive for heartworm during her intake exam.

Because of Susan’s heartworm, she can’t go for long walks or runs, play hard, or exercise. Physical exertion increases the damage that the heartworms cause to the heart and lungs, sometimes with tragic results.

To safely treat heartworm, medication is administered over a period of months. So, Susan will be staying indoors, taking her medication twice a day, and snuggling while watching Netflix with her Foster Parents for a while. This is the best way to keep her safe until she is fully recovered. Once she’s medically cleared, Susan can’t wait to explore the GTA with her new family!

Heartworm is spread by mosquito bites and poses a health threat to dogs in all parts of Ontario. Heartworm lives in the heart and the blood vessels that supply the lungs with oxygen. They can grow up to 30 centimetres in length, and if left untreated, heartworm can be fatal.

Your donation today will help cover the medical costs of loving, playful dogs like Susan and give them a second chance. With your help, we can continue to rescue dogs and give them all that they deserve – a place to call home.


Susan has been adopted.