Help Us Win the Great Canadian Giving Challenge

| June 24, 2022

During this year’s Great Canadian Giving Challenge, help us continue to be there for pets in need – pets like Toby who required immediate lifesaving veterinary care after taking a big fall. 

Helping Toby Get back on His Feet

One day Toby’s curiosity got the better of him when he found himself on the ledge of a balcony. He slipped and fell 10 storeys. When he hit the ground, his back leg shattered in several places, leaving an open wound.

Toby received emergency medical care. After weeks of being monitored, he is now living in a special foster home where he will continue to rest and recover – but his journey to recovery is not over. 

Toby will likely need intensive rehabilitative care at Toronto Humane Society. Specially customized for him, his rehab program will likely include months of regular checkups and at-home exercise programs to build up his strength, work on flexibility, and manage any pain he could experience down the road.  

But with your help, he will get everything he needs to fully recover with a new family.  

The Impact of $20,000  

The $20,000 cash prize will help us provide animals with the specialized care they need, including animals like Toby, who need long-term care to ensure they not only survive their traumas, but thrive once again, free of pain and discomfort. 

How To Donate  

All you have to do is visit, select Toronto Humane Society, and make the minimum donation of $3. Every dollar you donate increases our chance of winning the prize draw.