| April 24, 2021

Name and photo of pets and guardians changed to protect privacy. 

Domino’s family was in crisis. Death and illnesses meant that Domino wasn’t receiving the care and attention he deserved. The family turned to Toronto Humane Society and Domino was accepted into our Urgent Foster Care program.  

The foster family was given the supplies they would need to care for Domino as well as pertinent information about him – in particular, that he would benefit from weight loss. 

Domino was well loved in his foster home! The foster parents continued the work that the family started with trick-training and Domino was put on a gradual weight loss program designed by our Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner.  

Here is the feedback we received after the family was re-united: “It was helpful to have the Urgent Care Program on Board with us at a critical time and situation the family experienced.  Having [staff] to connect with updating us and addressing any concerns was [quite] helpful. The Vet was very careful and thorough caring for Domino.”

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