| May 24, 2021

Aretha came to Toronto Humane Society after her owner passed away.  

Upon intake it was noted that Aretha was overweight, she needed grooming, she had a mass on her back, right foot, and her teeth needed dental care.  

Bloodwork and urine samples were taken and Aretha was treated to a spa treatment where her fur was trimmed and she was cleaned. While she was quiet and tolerant of these procedures our staff could tell she was scared, so medication was prescribed to reduce her stress levels. With her blood and urine results coming back normal, Aretha went into a foster home to wait for her dental appointment.  

Our behaviour team worked with the foster family to implement ways to make Aretha less anxious and more confident. The foster parent reported that Aretha adapted very well, that she loved the foster parent’s dog, but that she would chase the other cats if they bothered her too much.  

Aretha had her dental surgery and was adopted soon afterwards.  

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