Boots - humane champion


| May 18, 2022

Boots, a one-year-old retriever mix, came to Toronto Humane Society from South Carolina.  

During his intake examination, it was noted that although he was very friendly, he was also a little fearful. Boots was underweight and had some skin scabs on both front legs. The lesions were checked with the Wood’s Lamp, which is an ultraviolet light at a specific wavelength that will cause a glow in the viewed area if ringworm is present. Happily, no glow was seen.  As Boots hadn’t been neutered, he would need surgery before he was available for adoption.  

Our Behaviour Team did an assessment on Boots and found he was a little fearful coming out of his run and going through doors. The team put together a plan to help Boots become more confident.  

Boots has been adopted and is living his best life in the big city of Toronto. 

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