Cassian - Humane Champion


| June 8, 2022

Cassian was a newborn kitten when he came to Toronto Humane Society with his mom and siblings after they were found living on a construction site. 

Cassian weighed around 140 grams, which is approximately a third of a pound. Our staff estimated he was under a week old. As the kittens and mom were all in good health, the family was sent to a foster home where mom could relax, and the kittens could gain weight and learn to socialize with humans. 

When Cassian was 400 grams, he came back for his intake exam and first vaccines. As he was still too young for adoption, he went back to his foster home until he was closer to a kilogram in weight, at which time he received his booster vaccine and had his neuter surgery.  

Cassian has been adopted. 

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