Chanel - Humane champion


| February 18, 2022

Chanel, a four-month-old kitten was surrendered to Toronto Humane Society because of diarrhea. 

Our medical staff found she had ear mites and mild ocular discharge (runny eyes), indicative of a cat cold. She was timid during her intake exam but warmed up quickly. 

Chanel’s ears were cleaned and she was placed in an isolation ward until we could be sure the cause of her diarrhea wasn’t contagious. She was given medicated eye drops for the ocular discharge, and a probiotic to help resolve the diarrhea.  

Happily, all her tests came back normal and once the diarrhea was resolved Chanel was made available for adoption. 

We’re so please to tell you that Chanel has been adopted into her forever home.  

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