Curly Wurly

| October 5, 2022

When Curly Wurly was brought to Toronto Humane Society as a stray, our medical staff had some concerns for his health as he was very thirsty, which can be a sign of diabetes. A variety of tests were done to detemine what issues Curly Wurly might have.

When Curly Wurly showed no interest in food, our medical team sedated him and found that Curly Wurly had a sore on the roof of his mouth. He was started on medications to reduce any pain the sore might be causing him. When the results of his bloodwork came back, Curly Wurly was positive for coccidiosis which means there were parasites living and causing damage in his intestinal tract. Coccidiosis is treated with both medication and special baths.

Once Curly Wurly was recovered from Coccidiosis and given a clean bill of health, he was adopted.

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