| April 24, 2021

Dream, a seven-month-old standard rat, was a brought to Toronto Humane Society, along with his brother, Karl. 

Their intake examination found them both to be healthy, but our behaviour staff were concerned as their paperwork indicated that the brothers would fight during the night. 

Dream and Karl were put under observation to determine if they were bonded or if they should be separated. Within the first day, our staff noted that the brothers were often cuddled together and there were no indications of aggression. 

Dream and Karl went into a foster home for further observations. The Behaviour Team was in regular contact with the foster parent for progress updates. The foster parent reported that the pair remained shy, preferring to hide, although Dream, the braver of the two, was curious and would spend a lot of time peering out at his foster parent. 

At the two-week mark, our Behaviour Team cleared them for adoption as a bonded pair. 

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