Fluffy - humane champion


| May 4, 2022

Fluffy’s custodian (a colony caretaker) suspected that Fluffy had once been someone’s cat. While the custodian cared for Fluffy, the colony cats would not accept him.   

When Fluffy was brought to Toronto Humane Society’s Public Vet Clinic, as part of the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program, our staff found him friendly enough that he would be suitable for adoption. 

Some of the issues that Fluffy had were chronic diarrhea, matted fur that needed grooming, low weight, and severe dental disease.  

Fluffy was given medication to help with the diarrhea and lots of good food to help him gain weight. As we had no history on Fluffy, many tests were done, to determine what might be causing the diarrhea. Despite negative fecal tests, the diarrhea continued, so Fluffy was put on five days of medication in case of an underlying parasite. When that didn’t fix the diarrhea, Fluffy was started on antibiotics. 

Within a week, the diarrhea had stopped and Fluffy was cleared for dental and neuter surgery. 

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