A successful story from our Humane Champion program


| October 25, 2023

Gouda, a grey and pink Sphynx, was rescued from a hoarding situation along with four other cats.  Our veterinary team examined her, and found that she was positive for ringworm, had ear mites, required spay surgery, and was underweight.  Based on her behaviour around food over the next couple days, our team also came to suspect that she had previously been malnourished. 

Gouda has received medical treatment to eliminate the parasites and is currently being cared for in a foster home while she gains weight.  Once she’s at her healthiest, she’ll come back in to be spayed.  We are beyond grateful to our foster team and donors who make it possible for Gouda and animals like her to be cared for and recover at their own pace.  

We’re happy to say that there is already an adoption hold and family that can’t wait to take Gouda home. 

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