jazzy - humane champion


| April 27, 2022

Jazzy, a senior tabby, was surrendered to Toronto Humane Society when her family developed severe allergies. She was in good health – her teeth had some tartar and she had mild gingivitis (not unexpected at her age), she had been spayed, and she was very tolerant of the intake examination. A sweet gal who loved treats. 

After her first night with us, our medical staff noticed a large amount of urine in her litter box. As excessive drinking, which could be symptom of diabetes, would cause a large amount of urine, tests were done to see if she might have diabetes. 

Urinalysis and blood glucose testing were done, and the results indicated that Jazzy had diabetes. 

Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot properly regulate the production of insulin. Although there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed with just diet sometimes, but more often insulin is needed as well. Sometimes, cats with diabetes will go into remission and won’t always need insulin, although they will always need proper diet. 

We’re happy to share that Jazzy has been adopted and her new family was given all the tools and information needed to keep Jazzy healthy! 

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