| April 24, 2021

Malachy was abandoned outside the front doors of Toronto Humane Society. 

On his intake, many medical issues were noted. Malachy needed major dental work, he was overweight, he hadn’t been neutered, and he was very stressed. When his bloodwork came back, his blood glucose was very high meaning Malachy has diabetes. He was started on medication to get his blood glucose to a healthier level. 

Malachy had his dental surgery soon after arrival. A healthy mouth often helps improve glycemic control because it is one less infection the body fights off. 

Malachy was assessed by our behaviour team as he was very stressed and would freeze up or slink back into his box if people were near him. He was given medication to make him more comfortable around people and our Behaviour Team put together a comprehensive behaviour modification to help him adapt to people. Malachy is now social and affectionate in quiet environments. 

Malachy is currently in foster and available for adoption. 

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