| April 24, 2021

Melon came to Toronto Humane Society through our Animal Transport Program. As Melon and his six siblings were newborns when they arrived, they were too young for a full intake exam. They went to a foster home with their mother where they could continue to grow in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Melon and his siblings gained good weight over the next two weeks but when their mother became sick and refused to let the kittens near her, the kittens were brought back to Toronto Humane Society. Unfortunately, it was determined that their mother could no longer feed them, so they were divided into two groups for fostering as they each needed six feedings a day.  

At four weeks, Melon had his intake exam. By now he was eating gruel, which is kitten food mixed with KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement). Melon was healthy and he was given his first vaccines. 

At eight weeks, Melon was eating kitten food on his own and was ready for his second vaccines.  

Melon and his siblings have since been spayed or neutered and have all been adopted. 

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