| January 3, 2022

When Milano came to Toronto Humane Society as a stray cat, she was slightly underweight, her eyes had some discharge, her ears had some debris, and her hair coat was dry and flaky. She was estimated to be only 6 months old. 

Milano was prescribed eye drops and her ears were checked for mites and cleaned.  

After a few days with us, Milano was sniffling and showing signs of an upper respiratory infection. Then, the poor girl tested positive for parvovirus after developing diarrhea. She was immediately put on medication, as parvovirus and URIs can become dangerous for kittens quite quickly. Luckily, within a couple of days her appetite improved; however, it was noted that she now had some hair loss. While Milano had initially tested negative for ringworm, she was re-tested and it came back positive. 

Milano was started on ringworm treatment right away in the hopes that we could put an end to her run of bad luck. She continues to recover, and we’re pleased to say that she has an adoption pending.

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