Moriarty the cat that has benefit from monthly donors to improve his life


| August 23, 2023

Moriarty was brought to us as a stray.  Our veterinarians were able to provide him with a clean bill of health, all his necessary shots, and a neuter surgery.  Without knowing an animal’s past however, we need to rely on interactions and observations of our staff and volunteers to piece together what emotional issues an animal may be dealing with and what they need to feel safe, cared for, and happy.  

From his behaviour, it’s clear that Moriarty is undersocialized, meaning he has likely spent more time with other cats than people.  He’s quickly learning that humans = food, a clean litter box, and playtime, but it will take a while before he is fully comfortable around people, and Moriarty is going to need an adoptive family that is willing to provide extra time and attention to socializing him without pushing him too hard.  

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